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All three of these modules will have the Teaching and Child Psychology component. ONLY the last one (sports instructor training)

  • Teaching - Teaching Practicals on lesson planning, Voice Projection, Timing, Communication, and Lesson Content

  • Child Psychology - Including Discipline, Motivation, Recognizing And Dealing With Common Behavioural Problems and Symptoms Such As ADD and ADD

  • Organizing Events, Plays, And Activities For Small And Large Groups – Running Your Own Evening Program. Setting Up a Treasure Hunt. Being An MC For An Event etc.

  • All These Skills Taught In The Indigo Warrior Course and Other Courses.

Gap Year Odessey & MasterClass:


Learn Swimming Instruction: Learn How To Teach Someone To Swim. For The Gap Year Students, They Will Actually Teach Someone To Swim During Their Year Here. The MasterClass Students Will Just Have An Introduction To How To Teach Swimming.

How To Run Swim Safety Courses and Volunteer Swim Safety Programs. How To Teach The Beginner And Intermediate Classes In All The PC Classes – See Above.


Indigo Warrior Course: 


Intro to these classes and they will learn how to ASSIST an instructor in these classes.


  • Flow arts (Poi Spinning, Fire-Staff, Dancing, Singing, and Drumming)

  • Beach Sports: Surfing, SUP, Bodyboarding, Kayaking,

  • Land Sports: BMX, Skating, Paintball, high ropes, abseiling and climbing.

  • Camping: Learn how to run a camping trip safely – navigation skills, safety procedures, and how to cook

Actual working with children: After any of these courses you will have the necessary skills to work as a counselor at Sugar Bay. Change the lives of children. Become more patient, empathetic, understanding. Bring out your inner child. Have fun while earning money. Meet other like-minded people. The best way to earn money etc etc. for the GAP YEAR mentions that they can earn money during their two holidays instead of going home.

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