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Gap Year  Odyssey:

Volunteering can help you get experience in your area of interest and meet people in the field. Even if you’re not planning on changing careers, volunteering gives you the opportunity to practice skills learned during your chosen program. Volunteering can also provide you with renewed creativity, motivation, and vision that can carry over into your personal and professional life.

During The Gap Year Program, You Will Participate In a Variety Of Volunteer Projects Including: 

  • Swim Safe Workshops: Assist With The Running Of Workshops For Underprivileged And Disadvantaged Children At Camp. Kids Who Have Never Been In a Body Of Water Before And Do Not Even Know How To Hold Their Breath When They Go Underwater.

  • How To Read The Later: Safety Principles In Entering And Exiting a Body Of Water. How To Float etc.


  • Learn-To-Swim Instructor Class: Learn How To Teach Someone To Swim. Teach Adults And Children To Swim – From Overcoming Fear To Exposure, And Finally To When They Can Swim a Width On Their Own. 

  • Assisting Teachers In Rural Schools: Visit The Rural Unprivileged School. Very Basic, Almost No Materials Or Resources. Assist Teachers With Teaching a Class. 

  • Volunteering In Homes For The Physically And Mentally Handicapped: Learn How To Teach Sports To Physically And Mentally Handicapped People. Gain Hands-On Practical Experience Working With Disadvantaged People.



Participation In a Variety Of Philanthropic Projects Including

• Swim Safe Workshops - How To Run a Swim Safety Workshop For Children Who Have No Experience In Water Safety. Teach The Principles Of Water Safety. May Be Able To Save a Life One Day.
• Learn-To-Swim Classes - Learn Basics On How To Teach Someone To Swim – Adults And Children.
• Assisting Teachers In Rural Schools - Visit An Unprivileged School. Very Basic, ALmost No Materials Or Resources. Assist Teachers With Teaching a Class.

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