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Gap Year Odyssey:


  • Career And Life Management (Identifying and developing a passion Into a Career, Diving Into Short And Long-Term Options, And Research Around How Best To Invest The Seed Capital (R10,000 pp Upon Course Completion For Investment In a Business Or Further Studies). Minimal Theory And Maximum Experiential Learning Through Participation In a High-stakes Business Game Encompassing:

  • Professional Identity (Creation of a CV, Motivational Letters, and Managing a Personal Branding Using a Digital Presence).

  • Personal Administration (Applications And Renewals of Passports, Visas, Licences, and Managing The Payments of Water, Rates, and Electricity).

  • Personal Financial Management (Tax Registration, Income Returns, VAT, Accounting, Invoice Generation, Banking, Credit, And The Use Of Spreadsheets To Manage Budgets And Cash Flow. Investing, Saving, Maintaining a Clear Credit Score, Insurance Basics (Under And Over Insurance, Full Disclosure, Policy Analysis, Claim Procedures)

  • Social Media (Photography, Videography, Journalism, And Media With Practical Experience In Writing Blogs, Taking And Editing Data, And The Production Of Film Clips).​

  • Entrepreneurial Workshops

  • Business Studies: Human Resources, Recruitment, Marketing, Finance, SWOT, PR, Legal Classes. Run By a Practicing Attorney. Principles Of Law. Dispute Resolution, Indemnities, Writing Letters of Demand, Insurance Liability, Disputing An Invoice, Resolving Conflicts.

  • Hospitality and Event Managing (Tourism, Event Planning, Project Management, Wine Tasting, Debating, Public speaking, MC’ing, and Presentations). - can list these separately and expand on them as they are exiting.

  • Agriculture Hands-on exposure to a range of farming practices including animal husbandry (hunting, game, crocodile, bees, and snake farming) and crop production (banana, sugar-cane, cannabis, tea tree, and macadamia farms).

  • Internships in different sectors of Hospitality, Maintenance, and Building Industries

  • Working and Earning Money as a Sugar Bay Counselor

  • Fireside chats from inspirational people who have made a career out of following their passion. The focus will be on careers in sports, adventure, and travel. Speakers will include Kingsley Hollgate, Professional athletes, tour guides, and experts in the working international travel adventures (TEFLA, International Yachts and Camp Counselors and au-pairs)



An introduction to Social media and journalism. You will keep journals, write blogs, take videos, and learn the basics of social media. Expand on each of the skills under media


  • Principles of Photography

  • Videography, Intro To Taking And Editing Data And The Production Of Film Clips

  • Journalism And Practical Experience In Writing Blogs, How To Write a Blog And An Article

  • Media - How To Market Using Social Media.

  • Event Planning – How To Set Up And Run An Event. In The Gap Year. They Will Be Expected To Actually Run A Fundraiser For The Community To Raise Money. In The MasterClass, You Will Run An Event For Kids At Camp – Like a Treasure Hunt Or Fashion Show.

  • Project Management

  • Public Speaking

  • AV and STAGE Technical: Learn How To Use Multimedia To Run An Event.

  • How to DJ a party

  • MC’ing (Master Of Ceremonies): Learn To Host a Staged Event Or Other Performance Learn At Camp. Counselors Are Rated On Their Ability To Be A Great MC

  • Fireside Chats From Inspirational People Who Have Made A Career Out Of Following Their Passion. The Focus Will Be On Careers In Sports, Adventure, And Travel.

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